Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Detour

Isaac's Spring Recital was Saturday night.  I decided to take the whole family and make a weekend of it.  For the price of 200 extra miles and a $25 park pass, we could take a detour on the way home and tour through one of our favorite places on earth.It was a bit of a spontaneous decision.  We threw in some extra clothes, sleeping bags and traveling food and took off.  

I had checked the forecast and knew it was going to be cold, but we got a bit more than we bargained for:  not only was it only about 45 degrees, but it also rained most of the trip.

The girls were remarkably good sports about it, but the oldest boy was a wimp!  (This was mostly due to the fact that he didn't have a coat, but only a thin sweatshirt.  To his credit, even though he was cold, he wasn't a brat wimp.)  He ran to stand in the steam every chance he got.

The geological features always amaze me.  It is a strangely beautiful place; I would say unearthly, but, here we are, on Earth.

The cold temperatures insured that we couldn't often see the heated features because of the steam.  We would stand in the steam and wait for a gust to blow the steam for a moment's glimpse.

This is how our baby saw the park.  All wrapped up in several blankets.  Every other tourist in the park paused when they saw him.  They asked his age, touched his little cheeks and fingers, counted the heads of the children gathered around and marveled that I had SIX children.

It was cold, but certainly not a waste of time!  I love Yellowstone in any condition--which makes me want to take the family on a snowmobile winter adventure in the park.  Someday, maybe.


  1. Several years ago I was with my family (siblings and parents) on a trip through Yellowstone. It is a lovely place, but I remember thinking how dangerous it can be....'I'll never bring my children here', I thought. A few years later we went with our first baby (she was not quite a year old)- haha!

    I'm too scared to go with my children right now (five children 7 and under), but in a few years I'm sure we will.

  2. Yellowstone is a wonderful place. Did you see any evidence of the fires from long ago? We were there for our honeymoon in 1988 during the big fires.