Friday, May 17, 2013

Creative Kid

Self Portrait
This is my nine year old.  She has an artistic eye and I am often astounded at the things she notices--and then draws.  She is always cutting, gluing, drawing and otherwise creating.  

When I was a young mother, I subscribed to the Family Fun magazine.  It was cheap and every month it was full of darling ideas to make family life more fun.  The problem is that I don't enjoy the crafty crap and the other darling ideas (creative snacks and messy games) that I wasn't doing made me feel like a bad mother.
So I cancelled the subscription and never looked back.

Recently, I was sitting in a doctor's office and found myself thumbing through the latest edition of Family Fun magazine.  These ideas are so cute, I found myself thinking.  Too bad I would never do them.  My nine year old would love it.

My nine year old would love it!!

I ordered a new subscription in HER name.  
It was a stroke of genius.

She is old enough that she only needs minimal help and a few inexpensive supplies.  

She pours over each issue, trying to decide which craft or snack she'll make next, which game she'll teach to her sisters.  For her, it is all fun without the social pressures her mom felt.  It makes her happy--and happy daughters make happy mamas!

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  1. Awesome idea! I have a daughter who would love me to do this.