Friday, May 10, 2013

Grudgingly Getting Back To It

Our sweet baby boy is officially one month old.  Someone asked me today how I was doing.  My reply was that I was doing great--really great.  Probably too great.  I have savored my down time, staring at a tiny face.  My body has not rebounded as quickly as it has after other babies so I've tried to not force physical activity.  Our oldest child was home for a week and we participated in a lot of family activities while he was here.  In all, I have thoroughly enjoyed my vacation.

Taken by the 9 year old on her 3DS.
But, here at the one month marker, I've realized that I'm missing things, some important things, because I've been enjoying this past month so fully.  It is time for me to get back to my responsibilities.

This week, my focus has been on working outside.  Last Spring, I was doing landscaping work for someone else to help prepare for our Grand Celebration.  (Can you believe that was a year ago already?  We ALL want to go back!)  I worked hard in the yard last year, but it was too little, too late on our unworked land. We got about three tomatoes and that's about it.  I felt terribly guilty about it, but there wasn't much else I could have done.  

A couple of weeks ago, my dad brought his Troy-Bilt tiller over.  I'd previously borrowed a friend's tiller and explained to my father that the thing just bounced around on the top of the packed and deep sod.  "Was it a Troy-Bilt?"  he asked.

"No, it was orange."  He just looked at me over the top of his glasses and raised his eyebrows in an, Well, why do you think it didn't work? kind of look.  Honestly, what was I thinking?!

This is me--and the borrowed tiller--fighting with the pull string last year.
Anyway, he came over with his Troy-Bilt and tilled my garden for me.  It did a lovely job.


I let it sit for two weeks, then went out yesterday to dig the edges and the few green spots that dared try to live.  I'll let all of that stew this week and then plant honest-to-goodness vegetables next week.  Oh, I do hope we can make a go of it!

I limbed trees, moved gravel, dug dirt and sweated a lot.  My body has been sore; mostly the good kind of having worked it sore, but also some of the just had a baby sore.  Our temperatures have been rather unruly this week at 85+ degrees, but it still felt good to be moving and working my muscles.  Now, if Summer would leave and let Spring come back we can get to planting!


  1. Love that picture- he looks like a very happy, content, and well-loved baby enjoying life to the fullest!

    Good for you for taking a whole month and enjoying your new baby- I think more people should do that. :)