Thursday, May 23, 2013

More About Yellowstone

All of the children huddled in the warm, albeit stinky, steam.
Because the weather was so cold and rainy, we were glad for the chance to visit a couple of the historic buildings in Yellowstone.  One is the rustic Adirondack style Old Faithful Lodge.  While we wandered about there, it became time for Old Faithful to do her thing.  We discovered a viewing balcony.  It was a little more protected than the boardwalk, so we squished together on a bench and watched.  

It never ceases to impress.
(And I was glad to NOT be in the spray this time around.)

Later in the day, we visited the Yellowstone Inn, a massive yellow building that reminds me of Somewhere in Time.  

We were all glad to sit in the warm and fancy lobby to warm up our frozen toesies.  We didn't sleep in the fancy hotels, (we slept in the Suburban) but it was nice of them to let us visit, nonetheless.

Once we were warm, we  again ventured outside.  Here they are at the entrance to the dragon's cave where we had the youngest two convinced the dragon really sits breathing smoke.

I was a bit of a slowpoke, having been stopped by yet another set of baby-admiring tourists.  When I came around the bend, this is what I saw.  
Filled with gratitude for this wonderful bunch!

A woman who walked near us for much of this particular hike made a fabulously fitting comment:
"They look like so much fun!  I'll bet you guys are having such a fun time!"

Oh, look!  It's me.  I was there and smiling!
I love this job, this rewarding, demanding, exhausting, fun and interesting job.
It is what I always wanted to do with my life.

I'm not sure why she was grumpy (or even if she really was), but I thought this was a funny picture.

And out through the North Entrance.  

Dad couldn't come with us because he had to work, but it was probably for the best. 
I was in the car with 6 kids.  We did everything he hates on long drives: 
We listened to the Newsies soundtrack (and sang along loudly) at least three times.  
We sang every round I know--which is saying something--then every kid song we could remember, including commercial jingles.  
We listened to a Harry Potter audio book.  
We took our sweet time at the rest stops.  
We missed him very much, but I'm not sure he would have been happy in that car!  :)
Plus, with our sardine sleeping arrangements, he wouldn't have fit.

Goodbye, Yellowstone.  We will be back.  Next time, with Dad.
I promise.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Emily. It's so wonderful to hear of such family adventures- it gives me great ideas (and hope) for some adventures with my own family. I laughed at your comments about your husband not enjoying being in the car- that's what our family is like so I totally understand. :)

  2. You are such a fun adventurous mom! And the new haircut is cute!