Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have a few random things to share with you today.

Summer is coming.  
There are things to do in the summer that can't be done (or is at least less effective) any other time of year.
  Around Christmas time, my sister puts her family's Christmas traditions on the calendar.  Even things like watching Christmas Story or making fudge are scheduled.  She knows that as busy as the season tends to be, one wasted evening means a tradition--often a beloved one-- is missed.

I've found that the same can be true for summer.  
We can get to the colder temperatures of autumn only to realize we never once had a water fight, picked berries or visited the local water park.  Many times those activities are missed just because we didn't think of it.  One more afternoon entertained by Netflix means one less afternoon watching clouds or drawing on the sidewalk.
So we made a list.  We may not do everything on the list (I don't want it to cause me stress!) and we will hopefully do other things we didn't think to write down.  
But, if we are sitting in the house one afternoon, wondering what to do, we can be inspired by the list.  
I, in my infinite motherly wisdom, can also use the list to bribe motivate the children to complete school work or chores.

The End
of Part One

The Children Must be Taught
My 12 year old daughter doesn't necessarily want to learn how to cut hair, but she is learning no matter.  My husband and I have saved literally thousands of dollars over the years by my being the barber in our house.  
The brothers are perfect guinea pigs because they aren't super sensitive of how they look.  Their hair, however, is about the most difficult to cut because it is thick, straight hair.  It is not forgiving.  If she can give them a nice haircut, she can give anyone a nice haircut!

The End
of Part Two

Who has ever heard of a Girl's Pinewood Derby?!
A group of girls, ages 8-11 meet bi-weekly at our church.  They do all kinds of things together from learning manners to memorizing scriptures to creating the crafty crap my daughter loves.  I like to support this program, but I almost yanked all support when they decided to do a Pinewood Derby.
Oh, I was a bad sport!  
We did our time when Isaac was a Cub Scout.  I usually had to make the cars because Dad was in school and had no spare time.  It was a project I didn't particularly enjoy.  There was always someone crying.  
Then, someone reminded me that it was called the Daddy Daughter Derby.
I had an out!

She and her father made a car.  It wasn't anything to write home about, but she actually had a great time doing it.  The night of the event was fun.  There wasn't the pressure of making it to regionals so no one cried!

The End
of Part Three

Saying Goodbye for the Summer
Isaac left yesterday for most of the duration of the summer.  Eliza, the baby and I will meet him in Orlando next week for the World Ballet Competition so it was a little easier to say goodbye, but only a little.

Babies change so quickly and it was especially hard for Ike to say goodbye to his brother.

This decision we have made to let our boy pursue his dream never gets easier.  Whenever I think about him, I am excited and happy; when I think about myself
I feel robbed.

The End
of Part Four

Christmas Gift
Our seven year old (in red) with the help of her grandmother, made these shirts for all of us for Christmas.  (Dad and I have one, too.)  The kids wore them to the hospital when our baby arrived, but I never got a good picture of them all wearing the gifts.  They all say SISTER or BRO and I am told she ironed on all of the letters.
What a treasure.  The girl, more than the shirts.

The End
of Part Five

Happy End of May, everyone!


  1. Beautiful family & great ideas - as usual. :)

  2. You have such cute children!! I love that last picture! I've also been thinking of planning out my summer- it I don't do it soon it will be too late! And I love the hair cutting picture- she looks so mature and like she knows just what she is doing. :)