Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Golden Gatorade

Isaac loves ballet.  
Like anyone who has something they really love, he studies it carefully.  He doesn't live in New York or San Francisco or Moscow (or Dresden, London, Houston, Havana . . .) so the only way he can see the masters of his craft is on You Tube.

On Monday, to Isaac's absolute delight, he saw one of his idols, Taras Domitro, back stage.  He wanted to run to the guy and tell him, "It's you!  I see you!  I know you!  I watch you on You Tube!" but he was afraid it would sound creepy.  
(I'm sure the guy would have taken it as intended: as a compliment.  It would have been like if I met Emma Thompson and I gushed about her performance in Much Ado About Nothing or Sense and Sensibility.  They want their work to be seen and appreciated, right?)

Fast forward to Wednesday.

Wednesday was another dance day in Orlando.  A dance day includes warm-up class, stage time, costume and make-up, performances and waiting.  A lot of waiting.  At one point, Isaac was back stage between performances.  I was in the lobby talking to a group of very friendly and baby loving Singaporeans.  (Did you know that Singapore is the only country in the world that has banned chewing gum?  True story.)  He came running up to me, holding a Gatorade.  Patiently joining in the banter for a few minutes, he finally turned to me and said that I was wanted backstage.  
Once he had pulled me away, he confided, "No one needs you, Mom.  I just have to tell you something!" 
 I asked if it was about the Gatorade, because I knew I hadn't given it to him.

"Yes, Mom. Taras Domitro just gave it to me!  I was standing back stage and he asked if I wanted a Gatorade!  I said, "Sure" and he gave it to me!"
He wasn't even going to drink it until he realized he wouldn't be able to take it on the airplane.  
This picture will keep the story of Taras Domitro and the Gatorade immortalized.

Too funny, that kid.  He must have been fired up because his performance after this was amazing.

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  1. Love it! Glad he got to meet his idol. It looks like he might be a little bit sunburned too. Hope you had a glorious vacation!!