Friday, June 7, 2013


It had been five years since I visited a dentist.  While we were in school, Justin and I didn't have dental coverage and so couldn't afford even a routine visit.  Up until that point, my six month visits were a reliable part of my routine.  Since it had been so long, I was a little nervous.  I don't have terrible teeth, but they aren't amazing either.  I do brush regularly, but I store the floss in my baking cabinet because I use it to cut cinnamon rolls more than I use it between my teeth.  Yesterday, I went to the dentist.  It was a long appointment because they had to do some intensive cleaning (especially around the permanent retainer behind my front teeth), but I feel like a new woman!  I was very happy with my new dentist and my teeth are so clean!  (Did you know that saliva contains calcium and phosphorus?  That is why tarter looks like hard water build-up on our teeth.  I had no idea.)

My youngest girl is turning five next week so I took her in for her Well Child doctor's appointment.

I'm having a hard time internalizing the fact that she is almost five.  She was my baby for so long and was always on my lap for a cuddle when I so dearly needed that cuddle.  She is a handful, but is also delightful.  Yesterday meant four shots in the thighs so she is now immunized against just about everything.  She was not pleased with the shots, but as she was crying, I reminded her that now she won't ever have her back broken by her own tetanus-infected muscles, she won't be crippled by polio, she won't go deaf as a side-effect of measles.  She didn't really care at the time, but when she came home and report to Dad, she was proud to explain that she didn't have to worry about many different illnesses.

And our sweet baby continues to fatten.  His two month appointment saw the scales tip at 12 pounds (up 5 pounds since birth).  He has put on 2.5 inches in length and 2.25 inches in his head circumference.  That is a lot of milk--which is good for me.  I've lost 30 pounds since he was born.  (It sounds like a lot but it still doesn't put me in my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Whatever.)

Ah, paparazzi, go away with that flash, all the live-long day!
Look at that chin!  :)

He was also not thrilled with his shots, but is now immunized against whooping cough which has been deadly for infants in our state this spring.  Phew!

As if our day wasn't long enough already, I took the 12 year old shopping for a new swimming suit.  You would think that would be fun, mother-daughter time and all, but no.  This child hates shopping and hates trying on worse than anything.  We found a cute and modest suit for a reasonable price, though.  Barely.  Almost as tough as helping two children through shots!  The big baby.  :)

Today promises to be a glorious spring day.  As much as I hate my trailer, it is more than made up for by our beautiful land.  The wildflowers are blooming all over the meadow, the fir trees are putting on their bright green new growth, the garden is poking through the soil and beginning to flourish and the intermittent rain is doing her best to keep things moist.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.

And go make those appointments you've been putting off!


  1. New here- I've been bouncing around all over your blog for a week(?) or so now and now you're on my blog list, since I love your style and how you tell it like it is with kids! I have laughed and cried and, although I've thought about commenting on several posts, they were all older ones- no clue if you would even see them. But I had to tell you that cutting rolls is the only thing I do with my dental floss too. Except for the day before my appointments, so that maybe it won't be too obvious to the hygenist... Oh, and my kids (1 boy, 3 girls) tie things up with it.

    1 question- I have read about the move and 7 failed house inspections (!), and the trailer, but I've apparently missed the current plan- are you building on your gorgeous meadow, or are you just staying there in the trailer until you find the right place?

  2. @LynnessI'm so glad you're here! Thanks for commenting (and I do moderate older posts to make sure I don't miss anything).

    We plan to build on our meadow. Our plans are done--rolled up on the side of my bed. We are just waiting on $$$ before we can start. It is infuriating, but it will make moving in so much sweeter . . . right? :)

  3. I hate going to the dentist. Your kids are cute & getting bigger all the time. I have found modest swimsuits at - they have good sales & clearance & they're long & modest.