Sunday, June 9, 2013

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

Everything that is going to be checked off my list is done.  
I am now going to go cuddle with this darling baby.

My two oldest, my youngest and I will be meeting up in Florida tomorrow.  
After some great advice, some deep breaths and my own acceptance of the fact that I am headed to a cool place and there's no backing out so I may as well enjoy it, I am actually excited for the vacation.
We are going to see some fabulous dancing.
We are going to ride on an air boat.
We are going to see alligators and dolphins and rockets.
We are going to swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
(I have already been swimming in the Pacific Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Red Sea.  It is important that I add the Atlantic to my list.  I'll also need to add Indian to that list some day.)
We are not going to get sunburned.
We are not.
No, I'm serious.  We freckled, pale northerners are really going to not.
We are going to watch jousting and feel some free Disney magic.
We are going to watch our boy doing the thing he loves.

I'll check in now and again to give you updates.
Florida, here we come!!


  1. Enjoy your time! Hope the flights go well and good luck Isaac.

  2. Emily,
    The pictures of your little one are KILLING me! Oh, what joy he must be for you. I am so happy for you!

  3. Your baby is so precious. My baby is 1 year old and though he still snuggles, most of the time he's way more interested in cruising around. I love the newborn stage when you can snuggle anytime (and all the time- you know, if you don't care how messy your house gets).

    I hope you have a great vacation!! (with no sunburn)