Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bad Attitude

Isaac's next competition, and chance for new scholarships, is in Orlando next week.  Since he is only 14 and can't navigate a big city on his own, he needs an adult to go with him.  His father is the lowest guy on the totem pole so he is the last to get requested vacation time.  We already took advantage of Aunt Mollie and Grandma on his competition in New York.  Grandpa is still teaching school.  No other extended family is available so I am going to Orlando.  On an airplane.  With a newborn.

So that our whole family's focus isn't always all about Isaac, we are continuing our effort to bring along at least one other sibling (the baby doesn't count).  This time, it is Eliza's turn.  I am looking forward to so much one on one time with my darling 12 year old girl.  Also, I've never been to Florida.

I know!  Florida!!! and all that, but I have such a bad attitude about it.  First of all, we can't afford to go to Disney World or Hogwarts at Universal Studios.  He is dancing most of the day, three of the six days we will be there so we can't spend all of our time at the beach.  I'll have a newborn baby so we can't swim with the dolphins.  And who goes to Florida in June?  Without visiting the major attractions of the area?  Who??

Me, that's who.  The woman who wants to do nothing more with our money than build a house.  A house with enough bedrooms for all of her children.  A house with a fridge that doesn't freeze most of the food that is in it.  A house with working kitchen outlets, a toilet that isn't sinking into the bathroom floor, and a house that holds still during a storm.  Little things, I know, but that is what I'd rather do with my money--much more than using it to visit a hot and sticky city where I get to pay too much for food I don't really want to eat and a bed that is not nearly as comfy as my own 15 year old mattress.

So help me, dear friends.  Give me perspective.  I need a serious attitude adjustment.


  1. FLorida is lovely. The weight for Hogwarts is horrendously long (two hours!?) & the ride was seriously unimpressive to us - even my 10-year-old who has read every book multiple times & watched every movie even more. Disney is fun but it's a lot of waiting & you wouldn't be able to go on most of the rides with a newborn. I wish it wasn't the last week of schools with alternating crazy half-days or I would be seriously tempted to drive eight hours to see you & hold the baby.

    A few weeks ago we were in Orlando with just a few hours to kill. Here's what we did: Walked around Downtown Disney. It's free. There's a Disney store the size of a Walmart that is fun to just see how many crazy versions of everything Disney. The Ghiradelli store gives out free squares of chocolate. The Lego store is seriously impressive. And it's lakeside with a Lego-built sea monster. We spent a few hours & enjoyed it a lot.

    Even a little time at the beach will be lovely. It's only an hour each way, right? You can spend a few hours, not get as sunburned as a whole day, and still have a very relaxing time.

    You won't have to cook or clean and you get to spend one on one time with Eliza & Isaac & the baby. You will love your super amazing home when it is done. I hope you have a wonderful time!!!

  2. @Jenna Yes, yes, I know how to spell. The WAIT for Hogwarts.

  3. Thank you, Jenna. Just what I needed to hear. <3

  4. "Major attractions" are overrated. We have just as much (or more) fun wandering where the crowds aren't as when paying for a site.
    You have been extremely patient waiting for your new home! Hang in there. Your sacrifices will be rewarded.

  5. I was thinking along the lines of what Jenna said, but she said it much better than I could have. It's not so much the places you go, it's the memories you make- and sooner you'll be in your new home enjoying those memories and making many more!

  6. My favorite beach down there is Playalinda Beach - it's gov land that is next to the NASA launch pad and the Kennedy Space Center. Since the beach is on gov land, there aren't any hotels or restaurants, which I love! The space center visitor center is pretty awesome as well. Have fun and enjoy yourself!