Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Way

We are still a few (A couple?  A?) months away from starting a house.  
Our plans are done, we are now waiting on the bank to give us a thumbs up or to tell us too bad.
If they say the latter, I will crawl in my bed and cry for days.

Before we can build, however, we had to take out a tree.  It is so sad because it was one of the prettiest trees on our land.  
But it was in the way.
And I want a house.

My wonderful and generous father had some time yesterday, so he came over and cut it down.  
It was kind of exciting when the very tall tree toppled, but I felt terrible.
I still do.
I feel like a murderer.
But I want a house. (Repeat repeatedly.)

42 Years Old.
Older than my husband.
Older than cassette tapes.
The seedling began the year man walked on the moon.
So sad!

But, we are one step closer to a house.

1 comment:

  1. YEAH!!!! WOOHOO!!! You should make something wonderful from the tree- you know, like how Pres. Hinkley had them make the podium in the Conference Center from his walnut tree. Let the legacy live on.... :)

    And...YEAH!!!! One step closer! I'm so excited for you!