Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five Going on Sixteen

Our youngest girl recently turned five.  A few days before her birthday, I asked her what she wanted.  "How come everyone else gets clothes for their birthdays?  I'm the one who likes clothes!"  
She asked for, and received, make-up from her Grandparents as well.  
How many five year old's ask for clothes?!  All of my other children gave a well-trained "Thank You" and then tossed them aside when they opened a present of clothes.
Not her.  She squealed at each package, then spread them out on the floor to get the full effect.

So, she did.  She got clothes for her birthday.  She also wanted her ears pierced, but after the make-up and clothes, I didn't want to encourage her growing up too much.  She also got some regular five-year-old gifts.

Her sisters each made her a card and gave a small gift like the grody gum tape that all of my kids beg for each and every time we go to the store.

Also, a bit of cash.  Money, make-up and clothes.  This is getting serious.

She even told me exactly how she wanted her cake.  Chocolate with strawberries.  "Cut the strawberries and put them all around the cake."  She didn't know about the sparkler candle, but was pretty excited about it.  Bling!

This little girl is a most delightful character.  She is always busy and, as crazy as she can make us, she also makes us so happy.  I love, love my daughter and am so grateful she is a part of our family!

With her fairy house she made while at Grandma's house during my trip to Florida.
Excuse me while I go get myself a good cuddle while she is still small.


  1. There has to be one in every family! She is too, too cute. I miss being her teacher.

  2. Sounds like my 5 year old! Love her sweet face!