Monday, June 17, 2013

It Begins

Competitions always have all these rules about picture taking so I didn't take many pictures at the theater.  The first day, Monday, was long.  All of the competitors danced one classical and one contemporary piece.  The jury made immediate judgement and points were displayed just like in the Olympics.  They knew the name of the piece and the dancer's number, but they didn't know the student's name or studio leaving no room for politics.  It was nice to have the scores tallied right away, but it also meant a delay between every dance.  T.I.M.E.  
Isaac performed a variation from Satanella and his contemporary piece entitled Awake.  
He scored very well and made it to the second round.

The long day in the dark theater and jet lag was too much for these two!

Tuesday was a break day.  As long as Isaac was still in the competition, we couldn't do anything too physically taxing (like a theme park).  We decided to go to the ocean.

This is me in the Atlantic Ocean.  
I really wanted to go running right into the waves, but I was holding this precious cargo.

The kids could, though!

After a while, one of them was beat up a bit by the waves and needed a break.  
My turn!

Of all of the events of the week, this was the one day I know Justin would have liked.  
He hates crowds and traffic and sitting for too long, so most of the time he would have been miserable on our trip.  But he would have loved the ocean.
The water felt so good.  It was a fairly overcast day, which I liked.  

We did take the baby into the water several times.  
He didn't love it.  The waves were big and unpredictable.  
He much preferred the hotel pool.

Just another Tuesday afternoon.
I was very proud of the fact that I only got sunburned on one unreachable area of my back.  I was constantly slathering sunblock on me and the baby.  The big kids did get a little pink.  (I hate the aerosol sunblock.  I've tried it several times and from several brands and each one covers inconsistently.  In addition, bottles are used up quickly and are more expensive than the lotion.)

After the ocean, we went to Cape Canaveral.  Tickets to the museum were $50 per person.  I'm sure it was amazing, but I didn't have $150 for a couple of hours at the museum.  

We took pictures through the gates.

It was fun to try to identify the different rockets; we did pretty well, having studied them for so many years.
I am more impressed with astronauts than ever before.  You have to have some serious balls of steel to climb into the little capsule at the top of all of that explosive material.

We were all there.  
Even if we didn't want to be.

Just kidding.  Once again, he was very good.  He was throwing a bit of a fit here and it was so halfhearted.  I snapped a picture instead of consoling because it was kinda cute.

All in all, it was a good start to the week.

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  1. Looks wonderful! We have learned a lesson about sunscreen & aerosol - use the lotion in the hotel in the morning before going to the beach. (Really slather it on.) Then, use aerosol every two hours for light touch-ups.