Tuesday, June 25, 2013

World Ballet Competition

We were very impressed with the World Ballet Competition, but one moment stood out for me.

It truly was a world competition with jury and competitors from all over the globe.
At one point, one of the winners, a Brazilian, did not speak English.  The announcer, who was Romanian and spoke English as a second language, asked, "Who speaks Portuguese?"  Another dancer quickly stepped up to the plate and helped interpret the conversation.  Later, the same thing happened with a dancer from Cuba.  Right away, a dancer from Argentina ran to his side and began translating.

The ballet world is a small one.  These kids standing on the stage in Orlando, Florida, USA, will work together during their careers--in Germany or Japan, Brazil or California.  They will become friends and colleagues.  When we come to know people, that is when we become unified.  This kind of event, like the Russian exchange program Isaac is involved with this summer, is what can help bring peace to our troubled world.
Learn to love a person and you will find a way to work out the problems.

Is that too Kumbaya?  I do wear Birkenstocks nearly every day.  ;)

Despite the fact that Isaac didn't make it to the final round, he was one of only a few dancers who were awarded two scholarships for next summer.  We were all pleased with the way he danced and with the recognition he received.  
He is still only 14; he has many years of training and competitions ahead of him.  
I hope he is invited back next year.


  1. Dancing is such a universal language
    What a neat experience. Thanks for always sharing his sweet ballet journey-

  2. The world needs more Kumbaya! Congratulations on two scholarships- that's fabulous!