Thursday, August 15, 2013

A New Journey

Isaac has always been dancing--even before he was born.  As a young boy, it looked like he was reenacting a scene from Star Wars or Spider-man, but when we look back, we see that he was dancing.  When he was 8, he opted to join his sister’s ballet/tap class with Stacy Landon.  He loved it--a little boy making noise with his feet.  I have long been a Gene Kelly fan so having a boy in dance was great by me!  Over time he gravitated more and more toward ballet and, through a series of events, we enrolled him in the Brindusa-Moore Ballet Academy.  At the age of 11, he began to study classical ballet in earnest.

During the first year with Brindusa-Moore, Isaac was cast as Fritz in the Nutcracker.  it was after that initial performance that Beth and Sergiu explained that he was exemplary.  Having never danced myself and having no experience with ballet, I figured this was the kind of thing teachers said to every parent.  Beth and Sergiu had a lot of convincing to do; their trained eye saw something the rest of us couldn't see--yet.

Each time I watch my son dance, I see dramatic improvement.   I’m beginning to see what his teachers could see three years ago.  His movement exudes emotion and his audience feels it.  Words from judges and others “in the know” have confirmed what his teachers have been saying all along:  Isaac is a special talent.

Isaac is a quintessential family man.  If he is not in the studio, he most wants to be home.  Until four months ago, Isaac was my only son.  He respects and honors me.  He is a careful protector of his four sisters and is his father’s comrade.  When the long-awaited brother arrived, Isaac was caught hook, line and sinker.  Living away from his family is a definite trial and we would not pursue it except it were a worthwhile life-long endeavor.

It has been a singular pleasure to watch Isaac develop as a dancer.  He has forgotten how to walk; he dances.  He doesn't know how to stand unless he is in position.  He doesn't sit; he stretches.  Dance is in every part of him.  So many times I have wished he was just a mediocre player on his junior high basketball team.  But even I can see that he was destined for something else.

My son, through his God-given gifts, will make our world a more beautiful place.

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