Saturday, August 17, 2013

Annual Baseball Game

Justin's boss buys tickets to our local minor league team for his employees and their families every year.  This is the only game our family ever watches, so it is something we look forward to.

This year's game was mere hours after our Isaac came home from his many, many weeks away.  None of us could get enough of him!

It took him no time at all to be up to his old antics!

We got Justin balls, bats and mitts for Father's Day this year.  He has been playing with the girls in the meadow so they actually had a bit of an idea of what was going on on the field.

Eliza and Dad enjoyed each other--while watching the game.

 After a while, the others were not really paying attention to the game.  They found their own ways to entertain themselves.

Medicine Man also provided a traditional ball park dinner of hot dogs, chips, potato salad sodas of all kinds, and Cracker Jacks.  Dinner was more popular than the game, I'm afraid!

Baby Boy was mostly a very good sport, but it was hot and he was tired.  Sometimes Big Sister just doesn't cut it when you're hot and tired.

 It was a breast cancer awareness day, so Medicine Man provided everyone with pink t-shirts.  When pink started coming back in for men, I asked Justin if he wanted a pink shirt.  He said, "I did my time in the 80's."  Breast cancer fundraisers qualify under a different category.

It was a fun family affair!
Thank you, Medicine Man!

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  1. What a fun day! The kids' expressions are pretty hilarious. Our minor league ball park (they are one step below the Boston Redsox) has a play ground for the kids. We spend most of the game in the play pen watching the game through the fence.