Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy Week

Theater Camp:  French/Chef Day
This week has been rather exhausting.  Our daughters were all in a theater camp, the older three from 9am-3pm and the youngest from 9am-noon.  This meant many hours of potential productivity.  I did still have our baby, but he is such a contented little thing that it wasn't too difficult to work around him.

The theater was a full 30 minutes away from our house and since I had to pick up our 5 year old at noon, I was driving to and fro about 3 hours each day.  (I was going to plead with the staff for the little one to stay, but when I picked her up the first day and saw how exhausted she was by the half day, I knew it was better this way.  Plus, it was just for one week.)

My plan for this week had all along been to update the website for my son's ballet academy.  The work helps defray the costs of tuition and is a way I can support the academy even though I live so far away.  Every summer the site needs a thorough going-through.  It takes me a full week of careful, tiring computer work to make that happen.  I finished this morning.

This afternoon was the theater camp play performance.

I have much to say about that--too much for one post.  I'll write about it tomorrow.

After the play, we were supposed to go camping with our church congregation, but it had been pouring down rain all day.  Justin wasn't able to come which meant me, with all of the children (including a 3 month old baby).  I was willing to do the work, but not to spend a sleepless, wet night in misery.  We are sleeping at home and will go up tomorrow morning for the breakfast and fun.

Right now I am going to sleep.  Our house plans are being worked up by contractors.  Our son is due to arrive home tomorrow night.  The dishes need doing, but not desperately.  I am caught up on laundry. The website is current.  My To Do list never goes away, but tonight it is smaller than it has been in a while.  I'm going to sleep well.


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