Monday, August 26, 2013

Justin's Design Aesthetic

I've designed most of the Someday House.  It is my office, so to speak, and I know better than anyone the needs and wants, and the don't needs and don't wants of the family.  I know what will improve work flow, what things need homes and which children "go" best with which children.  I also have a pretty strong opinion on colors and style.

My good husband has patiently listened to me flesh out design ideas for about eight years.  We had to make several compromises during the planning process due to budget, but in most ways, I am getting the house I want.

This is not to say that Justin hasn't chimed in and it isn't to say that I haven't taken his advice--this has been the case many times.  We've been married long enough and re-done enough rooms together over the years, that I know pretty well what he likes or doesn't like.

With that said, I will not paint anything "tan" or "beige."  There are some areas where I can't budge.  No, really.  I can't.

Keeping in mind that our basement won't be finished for some time, there is, nonetheless, a plan for the basement.  A large portion of it will be devoted to games, movies, and general family togetherness.  I'd like it to look like this:

Justin wants a full-on 70's Rec Room:

I wish I was kidding, but I'm afraid this may actually happen.

He wants dark wood paneling.  
He wants a pleather wet bar.  
He wants thick, shag carpet 
and I'm pretty sure he would be okay with some of that shag carpet
finding its way up a wall or the front of the bar.
Avacado, Harvest Gold, Mushrooms, Owls, the big wooden forks, all of it.

Who knows.  The whole 50's drive-in, Coca-cola themed game rooms have come back in a huge way, so maybe there is room at the top for the 70's Rec Room.

We may be going for it.

Post Script:  My oldest daughter was reading this post over my shoulder.  She is ALL for it.  
I may soon be in the minority.  *Sigh*

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  1. Nearly every wall in my house is boring brown and I'm sick of it. The interior of our house was painted as an upgrade to entice buyers when the house was on the market six years ago. It is a professional paint job and I can't see spending money on paint right now, but I really wish that my house had a little more variety in terms of paint color. I agree with your choice of basement, too!