Friday, August 9, 2013


Isaac has been invited to attend the Bolshoi Academy in Moscow, Russia.  This is an incredible honor--only a handful of Americans are ever invited.  Besides my mind being completely blown and my heart being torn to shreds, I am so excited for this boy and his life prospects.

It is a state school, so all Russian students attend the Bolshoi for free (or for the price of taxes their parent's already paid).  However, they do not offer scholarships to international students.  The costs of tuition, education and room and board is very high (not to mention travel, more dance clothes, international immunizations, etc.).  Although individual contributions would be welcome, the expenses are a little beyond that.  

Does anyone know of a foundation or organization that offers grants or sponsors artistic aspirations of young people?

We only have about one month to secure funding so any tips would be super helpful in narrowing down our search.

Thank you, friends!
And congratulation, Isaac!


  1. Sheesh! That boy is amazing! How wonderful, and exciting, and scary, and heart-wrenching, and on and on....

    I wish I knew where to point you, but I don't know much about grants. I do know there are lots of grants out there so I'm sure there much be something that would at least help. I do have a friend who (successfully) writes lots of grants for a rural music program- I'll ask her if she has any tips of where to go looking.

  2. Emily,
    This is what my friend wrote:

    I have never worked on grants for this kind of thing. I only write grants on behalf of a nonprofit organization. If I were him, I would take a look at the National Endowment for the Arts grants page, maybe there is something for artists there. Also, you could try and think of others who have studied abroad and see how they got their funding. My son in law just went through this. He wants to go to the London School and finally found an Endocrinologist job in Cambodia that is funded through the London School, which will pay him to do the job which will also be his "project" so he can get his PHD. They will only need to live in London for a few months but he will be enrolled at the school the whole time, the rest of the time they will be in Cambodia doing the job.