Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Purchase

I have been researching stuff for years for our new house:  finishes, lighting, the flue for the wood stove, types of tile, pocket doors, counter surfaces, and so on ad nauseum.  It is kind of fun and kind of stressful and kind of hopeful and kind of disheartening.  

But today, I made my first actual purchase for the home.

Introducing . . . . . . .

in the voice of Bob Barker,

My NEW bathtub.

Yes, I'm serious.  
Dead serious.

Hip hip hooray!!

 Can she make it look like this?  I doubt it, but she shall try!


  1. The sight of that bathtub put a huge smile on my face! LOVE it! It will turn out beautiful. That is a fun purchase!

  2. I LOVE it! And I'm sure it's going to look absolutely splendid when you are done!