Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Zoo!

We live about five hours from the best zoo in the nation, at least in my opinion.  It is the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and if you are near it, you must visit.  They have done an excellent job of making large, happy enclosures for the animals that allow them to live comfortably, but also allow guests to view them.

Here we have elephants.  Not elephants in a small, dusty barnyard, but elephants in a lush, green environment.  I don't know why she is making that face.

Next up, Orangutans.  The primates are always entertaining.  I could sit for hours watching them.  Sometimes it seems like they are watching us, too.  What must they think of the gawking creatures on the other side of the glass?

Most of my shots from that day are worthless.  The glass was too shiny, the kid's backsides are not that interesting and none of my pictures can even kind of capture the animals in any great way. 

Pretty soon, I began to realize that the reflection was the picture.  
Here we are looking at penguins, but the picture captured us, together, at the zoo.
With some bald dude.

And my family, all lined up, watching God's creatures in a way that no other age of mankind has known.  Simply amazing!
(Well, the baby may not have been so impressed.)

It is a team effort to take such a large group of children to the zoo.  We went on a Wednesday, thinking the numbers would be down.  We were wrong.  Every daycare/preschool in Seattle was at the zoo that day.  It was crazy and my husband hates crazy.  But, he was a good sport and helped carry my little load around.  I am grateful for both of them.

I had some great philosophical mumbo jumbo worked out in my head earlier.  Now, there is nothing.  
So just go to the zoo, okay?  
And when you see the long-necked, freckled giraffes, think of me.


  1. The zoo is one of our favorite places to take our children!

  2. We went last month! The baby giraffe was my favourite.