Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our internet has been down  so I haven't been able to write all the things I've wanted to write.  Here goes:

  1. We've chosen a builder.  All of the bids were very close so we had to dig deeper.  We called people, we checked sites, we asked specific question, I even judged them a bit based on the cars they drove--the guy we picked drove a working truck, the other two drove don't-touch-me trucks.  I know.  I'm a girl.
  2. I am in the process of choosing stuff for the house.  Justin definitely has an opinion, but he doesn't have the time (or interest, frankly) of looking through the one million fridge/tile/doorbell options available.  My job is to narrow it down to a short list.  We are spending too much money on this to make uneducated picks!  It is fun, but also tiring and a little freaky.  I am plagued with what if . . . .
  3. The weather is finally cooling and the bees are settling down.  The yellow jackets, hornets and wasps have been historically terrible this year and nearly all of us were stung at least once (even Baby Boy, the nerve!).  Plus, I really do not enjoy being hot.  It makes me grumpy and impatient.  
  4. Our local weatherman says that this winter is supposed to be wet and cold.  We are TRYING to get the house shell up before the snow begins.  That means mid-November.  I hope the permitting process goes fast.
  5. Isaac's journey to Russia is coming along.  It is like eating an elephant, though.  If we try taking more than one bite at a time, we easily get overwhelmed.  He and Justin now have passports, the (exhaustive) medical exam is done, and we are continually working on funding.  Next up is buying and sewing dance clothes and shoes and applying for the visa.  If you would like to help in any way (I mean it--we've had $5 donations and are grateful for every cent!), please visit
  6. I am a blessed, blessed, blessed woman.  My husband is a good man, he loves me and the children, he goes to work every day without complaint and he has had to fix the lawnmower several times this summer; a job he hates.
  7. My five year old just took off the baby's soiled diaper.  The baby stuck his leg into the mess.  I've got to go.
Talk more soon,

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  1. Yeah for the progress on the house- and I love that you went with the guy that drives a working truck! We have tons of wasps and such at our house and finally hung up a wasp trap- it worked wonders and I highly recommend them. It's worth getting the more expensive trap that catches all the different kinds!

    That's wonderful that things are coming along for Isaac- one bite at a time.