Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Girl

Our third child turns ten soon.  I realized kind of at the last minute that Isaac would miss her birthday by just a few days.  We decided to have the celebration early.

Our cutie in a hat made by our friend, Kayla.  Isn't it darling?  It fits great!
I do need to try for a better picture.
We set aside a night that would mostly work.  Some family couldn't come, others skipped something else to be there and others were late.  It was the best we could do and we had fun.  Dad made a big fire--it was going to be a bon fire, but everyone had school and work the next day and a bon fire burns for many hours!

She wanted, and got, a bow and arrow set.  She also got several art supplies, a mini American Girl doll with a set of books and some clothes.  She was thrilled about every gift.  Such a good girl.

For the first time ever, I bought a cake for a child's birthday.  
I thought I had candles; I only had four.  We used spaghetti for the other six.  

It kind of worked.

Just as Mom and I were inside serving up cake and ice cream, the phone rang.  
Yes, there had been a fundraising function I'd completely forgotten about (a local ballet studio had Isaac come and dance for their advanced students).  Everyone rallied and several people did what needed to be done to get Isaac where he needed to be.  They were very understanding, including the birthday girl.

It was a fun, if crazy, last minute birthday.  We are so lucky to have the children we have!  
I love this girl.  Happy 10th birthday, sweetheart.

This wasn't from her birthday party, but it is really hard to get a normal picture of this girl these days.  This one isn't even a "normal" smile, but close enough!  :)

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