Monday, October 14, 2013

He's Off

The last month has been a marathon.  Fund-raising, buying supplies that can't be purchased in Russia, doctor's appointments, dance classes, church and family responsibilities and driving, driving, driving.  Eliza babysat her sisters more than she ever should have had to and Isaac and I were continually short of sleep.  

Isaac was scheduled to leave our house at about 3 a.m on Saturday morning.  As of Thursday, we did not have his visa, boots, the correctly sized passport photos, dry soups to compliment the famously bad food supplied by the Bolshoi and several other things of varying importance.  
Oh, and Friday was our home school co-op day.  

Some forum I'd read Thursday night talked about some of the problems a particular girl had getting her paperwork ready for the Bolshoi.  You wouldn't believe all of the requirements--with no help from their end getting them done!  Anyway, one problem was the specific requirements for the passport photos that isn't available in the U.S. (the school needed extras to apply for multi-use visas).  They wouldn't let the girl into the school until all of her paperwork cleared.  The mother concluded, "They told us where to go and we were able to get the right size passport photo taken in Moscow."  I fell into a panic.  Sure, it would be no big deal if your mother were with you, but I was sending my 14 year old son to Russia on his own!  What if they didn't let him in because of a simple error and I wasn't there to help him sort it out?  

I went into my room and sobbed.  It was all too much.  Too many things could go wrong.  I couldn't do it.

My good husband came into the room and, very nicely, basically told me to snap out of it.  "The Lord has provided a way every step of this journey.  If Heavenly Father wants Isaac to go to Russia, he will be protected!"  Justin was right.  I needed to have faith.  I had used up all of my faith so I prayed for more.

The next morning, I got an email from a contact in Russia.  After giving me several phone numbers (Seminary Teacher, Home Teacher, Bishop, etc.) and confirming that he and his wife would be at the airport to pick Isaac up, he closed by saying,
"Don't worry, Emily.  We've got this!"

We had to work hard and I had to stay up for 24 hours straight, but when he left, he was ready.
By the way, FedEx closed at 5 and his visa arrived at 4:55.  

Today, he is in Russia.

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