Friday, November 29, 2013


Here we are again.  It is the Blessed Christmas Season.  Today we are cleaning, washing and dusting so we can pull out the bins and begin decorating.  I can always get the kids to clean when I explain there are Christmas bins at the ready!

The Christmas music is playing and, though we don't have snow, all of the branches on each tree are frosted white from the thick freezing fog that passed through last night.

For many years, I've done a nightly advent with my family.  Some years, it has been one of the few gifts I could give.  It is a very religious advent because it seems to me that it is easy to get the Santa/lights/fudge Christmas, but we have to make a point of inviting Jesus Christ to the celebration.  I've blogged the advent before, but here is a PDF version.  It is a question or point, a scriptural verse or two and a song.  It takes less than 10 minutes every night and is customized for small people.

I noticed last year that my older children were a tad bored with the advent; they knew the answers and weren't challenged to think or work anything out on their own.  This year's task is to up the ante for the big kids.  When I've completed that, I'll post it for you as well.

Merry Christmas, friends.


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