Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bad Dream

I had such a bad dream last night.  I dreamed that we finally got to start our house and our builder worked crazy fast.  In just a few weeks, the house was all but done.  We went to visit it and it was just was we wanted.  (Yes, I dreamed a real-life version of the house plans--I know them by heart!)  As we walked from room to room, I clapped my hands and got so excited, but I also had a pit in my stomach.

Brett (our builder) had built the house in the wrong city.  We were now a 45 minute commute from Justin's work, in a busy neighborhood, and in another state entirely.  I was trying, very diplomatically, to ask him why he hadn't built on the land we owned, in the location we wanted.  He never replied, just continued to point out the that he found the trim we wanted and that the gas stove was all ready to be installed.  "It is all perfect!  I just wish it was in Idaho!"

I know I'm being unreasonably picky, but I want to live here.

Even though it was a dream wherein my house was nearly done, I am glad it was just a dream!

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