Thursday, December 12, 2013

Change of Plans

This is our third Christmas season back home.  There is a darling Bavarian town about a three hour drive away that is always fully decorated for Christmas.  Justin and I were married the day before Thanksgiving and honeymooned in Leavenworth.  While we were there, the town was getting all decked out for the holidays.  
It was enchanting.  
Ever since we moved closer, I've wanted to take the children to the town.  It feels so festive and I wanted them to be introduced.  This year, I decided, we were going!  I put it on the calendar weeks ago and made sure there were no interfering appointments.

Then, this happened.

So that was that.  
By the time we were ready to roll, there was no way we could make the trip and see the town.  
I was disappointed, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.  Instead of wallowing, I decided we were going on a field trip regardless.  We went to see the eagles.

I did not take this photo, but it is from the visitor's info about our local eagles.
It was very cool!  We saw several both in trees and in flight.  We saw some birds fishing for the Kokanee Salmon that populate the lake this time of year.  We watched the huge birds until the sun set, with its brilliant oranges and pinks, then wandered our way back home by way of fully decorated neighborhoods.

It wasn't Leavenworth, but it was a great Plan B.
We'll go someday, kids!

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