Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning

My dear baby and I were awake until 2:30 on Christmas morning.  (He was upset about something and I think it had to do with the new tooth he debuted.)  Needless to say, I was tired when it was time to get up for presents.  Because our house is long and skinny with the bedrooms on either end, the kids couldn't leave the room (they all sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve) to wake us up without going through the living room.  
 Entering the living room unsupervised is strictly forbidden because Dad and I don't want to miss that magic moment. 
To get around the problem, Isaac sent a text to Justin's phone.  Our old ways are dying out!

Santa had a bit of a hard time, but he managed to get a crazy deal on Isaac's first Apple product.  
He will never be the same.
Parenthetically, this ipod nano can hold thousands of songs, play full-length movies, and display pictures, among other things.  It is smaller than a credit card.  If you had told me that would be possible to teenage me, holding my CD Walkman that only played CD's and performed no other feat, I would never have believed you.  Sometimes I wonder what technology a sci-fi writer is imaging up right now will be fully available in 10, 15, 20 years.

I dislike Barbie's for 99 reasons of varying value, but I don't mind the Kelly dolls.
This particular child wants Barbie's so much, but knows I will never buy them for her.  
She didn't know about Kelly dolls!

Eliza had a stuffed animal that she loved, loved, loved.  About a year before we moved, "Elephy" disappeared, never to be seen again.  Her younger sister drew her name for Christmas and was intent on finding another Elephy.  She succeeded.

She was so excited for Christmas because she knew how much Eliza missed that special toy.
After the joy and the squeals, Dad quietly spoke up.  
"Now that Elephy has been replaced, I can tell you what happened to the original.  I found it in the grass on the side of our old house.  It was all wet and moldy so I threw it away."
He had never even told ME the truth behind the mysterious disappearance!

Another sister gift success story.  I love how my girl's face is mimicking the face of the model on the box.

Just as we were nearing the end of opening gifts, Baby Boy woke up.  There was no way I was waking him up after our rough night!  He didn't mind missing the early morning excitement.

Baby's first Superman.  I am so happy to have a boy in our home again!

Oh, behind him is my gift: a wet saw.  Let's get this house project going already!

It was a fun morning and the children were all so grateful for their gifts.

Not long after this photo was taken, I took a three hour nap.  Nothing could have been better!

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