Friday, December 13, 2013


This is my oldest girl.  She is 12 and is kind of remarkable--and I would think so even if I weren't her mom.  Being her mom, I like to think I know her pretty well.  However, she recently got braces and I am seeing a whole new Eliza.

My mom said it the other day, though she didn't know she was describing my girl.  Mom said, "I am a happy and content adult and I don't think I would have been if I hadn't been able to get braces."
See, Eliza's personality is much like my mom's.  Eliza used to be very shy; she has worked her way out of her shell, for the most part, but she is still a taciturn person (except late at night--then she is plain ol' chatty!).  My grandparents found a way to get braces for my mother when they saw her hiding her smile.  Her smile is  now my mother's trademark!  If we'd waited much longer, I think we would have begun to see our girl hide her smile and slowly slink back into her shell.

Instead, almost instantly and certainly before the braces could do much to change her smile, she found a new confidence.  She smiles more easily, is more animated and is, well, happier.

That is a treasure worth more than the correct bite promised.

Eliza serenading Christmas shoppers at our local mall.

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  1. Seeing your children blossom like that is such a precious thing! It makes all the sacrifices a little sweeter.