Saturday, December 7, 2013

Grateful We're Not Freezing

As many of you across the western United States, we have been experiencing frigid temperatures this week.

Our little trailer has very thin walls and the furnace has been burning nearly non-stop.  We have to keep the bathroom cabinets open, water dripping from the faucets and the washer and dryer going continually to keep the trailer's undersides warm enough to prevent freezing pipes.
Even with those preventative measures, we've had a couple of close calls--frozen, but not so frozen that the expanding ice busted the pipes.

Jack Frost has definitely enjoyed decorating our windows this week.
The designs he has created look like sculpted ice paintings--
much too expensive for the lowly walls they embellish.  

But, do you know what I keep thinking?  I keep thinking about how BLESSED we are to have this crappy, cold trailer.  It has made it possible for us to send our son to Russia,  to take Isaac to Florida and San Francisco and to bring a sister with us for each ballet jaunt, to pay our sometimes crushing medical bills and student loan payments, to enroll the children in piano, art, and theater classes and to live on our beautiful spot of land.

In addition to all of those things, it is keeping us warm and protected; 
nothing like a winter storm to make you appreciate your shelter!

And, at the very least, these sub-zero temperatures should be taking care of last summer's bee problem!

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