Thursday, December 12, 2013

No More Muscles

When I was about 9 months pregnant with my newest baby, my son (the ballet dancer) said, "Hey, Mom.  Try this!  Have you ever tried to sit up without using your stomach muscles?"  Ha.  Ha.  Very funny, dear boy.  Welcome to the life of the pregnant woman.

And, it turns out, the no-longer pregnant-but-have-been-several-times woman.

I'm finally back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but there is no tone in any muscle in my body.  Flabby, flab, flab, flop.  I have no strength, I have no definition, and I wobble when I walk/dance/jump/jog/laugh.

Enter Determined Daughter.  She made a goal to become more physically fit and challenged me to do it with her.  Do not judge me when I tell you that I had to google "What the heck is a burpee?" (Please, people, couldn't we come up with a better name than burpee?  Honestly.  How uncouth.) and "What the heck is a Russian Twist?" and "What the heck is a V-up?"  

In other news, I bought all of the ingredients to make my annual Christmas Treat Platters . . . this evening.


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  1. Haha!! Good luck. My friend has a favorite T-shirt - it says, "Burpees don't like you either!!"