Thursday, December 26, 2013

Procrastination in the House of No Secrets

Last year I bought everyone's Christmas Eve pajamas.  Even with sales and deals, I spent a lot of money on pajamas and I felt guilty about it all year!  I can sew, dang it!  This year, I watched the ads until I found a cute set of king size flannel sheets for $18.  That is a lot of material and the flannel is so much thicker than what you could find at the fabric store (or you would be paying at least $10 per yard for it).  So, I found this great deal on material
and there it sat
for weeks.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, I sewed.  See, part of the problem is that I live in a house of no secrets.  Two of my daughters sleep in the dining room refashioned into a bed room.  It has no fourth wall and certainly no door to be closed.  I couldn't figure out how to be clandestine about the task.  I gave up and sewed the dang things right in plain sight.  I even had the girls try them on.

Anytime a question was asked, I just stuck to my story that I was making a tablecloth.
(Yes, an owl tablecloth with sleeves and a waist.  I know they didn't question my explanation.)

Did she finish in time?  Well, yes and no.  Two girls received a complete set and two more girls got pajama pants with the promise of a top at some point in their lives.  

$18 and I haven't even used half of the material.  After the last two tops are completed, I'll have used just over half.  Was it worth the insanity?  Jury's still out.
But they turned out cute.  :)


  1. Clever - I never thought to use king sheets. We spent $60 & half of them were the wrong size.

    1. How frustrating, Jenna! The sheets is an old trick of my mom's. I'll use all kinds of things for material including shower curtains and Dad's old shirts. If I'm not creative with getting materials, sewing gets expensive really fast!