Friday, December 6, 2013


My life is pretty random right now.  I'm spread in many directions and there isn't an end in sight.  In fact, January will exacerbate the problem!  But, I'm emotionally stable--in fact, I'm very happy and content right now.  I've found a peaceful place, even amidst my otherwise scattered days.

Baby Boy was offered a sleeping companion.  Poor guy.

Papa consoling a grumpy, teething baby.

Mom cooking. 

These two.

Setting up the nativity.

Christmas carols.  I'm telling you, this is the best time of year to have a pianist in the house. 

This fall, we began attending a local home schooler's co-op.  It was just what our family needed!  
I got to teach a class about US Presidents.  My co-teacher was the craft queen so I taught the lesson and she came up with a craft.  The week of Teddy Roosevelt, however, she was sick and couldn't attend.  I was so proud of the craft I made up for that class.  (I'm really not the crafty type so this was a big deal for me!)

I also got to help with a Human Body class.  I didn't do anything in there except offer another pair of grown-up hands.  Here they are with their noodle skeletons.

Beginning Karate was also offered.  Here is my girl wailing on the cushion.  

When I saw the mixed nuts at the grocery store, I remembered always having nuts during the holidays growing up and thought my kids would like them.  
I didn't know what a mess nutshells make.  I won't be doing that again for a while!

With so many competent big kids, we are finally able to play a variety of board games.  I still have at least one "partner," but the others can all play without assistance.  Hooray!

All of that and missing our boy.  He will be home in just over TWO WEEKS!  

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  1. We love Ticket to Ride - it's such a versatile game for many ages of kids. We got the 1910 expansion pack too, bigger cards & more destinations.