Friday, December 20, 2013


I tend to do most of the Christmas shopping in our house.  This is mostly because most of the Christmas Shopping happens online and also because my husband, you know, works and all.  So every year, I try to reserve some of the shopping for later in the season so Justin can pick out some of the gifts for our children.

Since our darling boy is still frequently physically attached to me, he came with us.

I can't stand it.  He is too irresistible!

Besides some major sewing, we are done with our Christmas shopping.  FUN, but also a bit of a chore.
There are other delights to the season.  Our eight year old, for instance, was in a little Charlie Brown's Christmas play.  Even with the simplicity of the production, I still teared up when the children began quoting the story of the Christ Child from the Bible.  We need so much more of that!   

I do quite a bit of driving since we live rurally.  I've made a point of really listening to the Christmas songs that play on the radio.  Over the course of one week, I heard only two songs that even referred to Baby Jesus:  Oh, Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy.  Where are Silent Night, Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, or even Mary Did You Know?  I have NO PROBLEM with Santa and snow and Rudolf, but things have gotten out of hand this year.
Maybe it's just me.

I'm grateful that my daughter plays the piano and that she plays many of the reverent and sacred Christmas songs.
Eliza, getting some help on the keyboard.
Today was baking day, which was perfect because it was also snowing day.  We had soft, gentle flakes falling most of the day.  Such a wonderful way to spend time with my children.

Frosting!  For those of you who will receive plates of cookies, please know that my children have strict sanitary policies while helping with the baking.  :)

And that wraps up another busy season-specific day.  What joy these children bring.  I cannot think of anything better to do with my life.

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  1. I love this time of year too! We've enjoyed singing the more reverent Christ centered songs with our morning and evening prayers and scripture study and it has been wonderful!