Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stretched Out Christmas

Our oldest daughter, Eliza, is a selfless girl.  She is always sharing with her sisters, going the extra mile with housework, stepping up to eliminate contention and tending her sisters . . . a lot!  The best part is that she does it with a (mostly) cheerful attitude.  My husband and I wanted to make sure that she knew that we SEE her good works and that we APPRECIATE her.

This year, instead of buying an expensive gadget or toy to get broken or lost, we decided to give her the gift of time.  Every month of the year, we have chosen a fun date--sometimes it will be just with Dad, other times with just Mom and sometimes it will be with both of us.

Last night we went on our first date.  Grandma watched the other children so that all three of us could go.  There is a wonderful Moroccan restaurant in the neighboring city that Justin and I have always loved.  We only go every few years, but it is a treat each time.  We knew this was the first experience we wanted to share with our girl.

The restaurant has a tent-like ceiling, low inlaid tables and cushions for seats.  The food is unusual and delicious.  Eliza is not usually a super daring eater, but she decided to go out on a limb and try something she hadn't had before.  She tried lamb and said it was very good.

For most of the courses, everyone eats out of a common plate and we are not provided with utensils.  
(They wash our hands with warm rose water before and after dinner.)
The experience is half of the fun!  Eliza's favorite part of the meal is the hot herbal tea that they keep coming the whole night.  I think she had ten glasses!

We enjoyed her so much!  It was wonderful to have just her with no siblings to distract our attention from her.  She loves coming from a large family, but every once in a while, something without them sure is nice.

Next month:  Symphony with a guest pianist.


  1. What neat idea!!! Such memories you will all have to treasure!

  2. It was awesome. The after dinner conversation was immensely fascinating.