Sunday, February 23, 2014

Date #2: The Symphony

Our second date of the year was going to the symphony with a guest pianist, Jeremy Denk.  
(Mr. Denk was completely wonderful, by the way.  His encore was mesmerizing.)  
I used to go to the symphony all of the time because, as a long-time orchestra student, I regularly got free or really cheap tickets.
I hadn't been back in years--mostly because I was mothering a house full of small children.  
Now that my life circumstances have changed, live music and plays are back on the docket.
Our area symphony has family ticket prices that make it reasonable.  The seats weren't the best, but because the theater is small, they were absolutely fine.

A better view of the scene behind Eliza and I in the first picture.
A few years ago, the symphony bought a historic theater that had been converted into a movie theater in the 70's (I think).  Most of its incredible art deco design was removed or covered up.  The symphony orchestrated (ha!) a complete renovation.  The interior was gorgeous!

We listened to pieces by Maurice Revel and Jean Sibelius and were delighted by the performances.

After, we visited a neighboring historic building, The Davenport Hotel.  We wandered around and Eliza was captivated by the elaborate and ornate decor of that 100+ year old building.

Sometimes in my anxiousness to introduce my children to the world, 
I forget how many amazing things there are 
right here at home.

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