Monday, February 3, 2014

Movie Date

Justin and I are still recovering from being sick over the weekend and, though we felt healed, we were both tired.  We decided to hit a movie at the theater--and since we're cheap, we checked the cheap theater first.  There was one movie that caught my attention, mostly because it was rated PG.  I did not tell Justin which movie we were seeing until we were already on our way.  I was afraid he would reject the proposal because, based on the poster, it could have been interpreted as a girly movie.  As a rule, Justin does not like girly movies.

(And here I should define that term as romantic comedies, romantic dramas or nearly anything produced by the BBC--Sherlock excepting.)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

What we saw was delightful.  I hesitate to recommend movies because there is such a wide variety of tastes in that area, but I really thought this movie was delightful.  It is a grown-up's movie, not because of anything inappropriate, but simply because it is aimed at grown-ups.  In fact, part of what I enjoyed was that it was so completely appropriate!  No underwear, no bathroom humor, no silly romance.  You may not believe this, but the title of Father was honored, even hallowed.  It was a simple and lovely story.

Ben Stiller starred, produced and directed the picture.  Suddenly respected.  Who knew.

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