Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Goats

We have two pygmy goats.  
My father-in-law brought them over one day last summer to mow down the meadow and it looks like they're here to stay. 

They are small, easy to care for and make the funniest bleat.  

My only complaint with the goats is that they poop a lot.  Since they love my south-facing front porch, this attribute isn't great.  Our front door is a sliding glass door which means our baby gets to interact with the goats on a regular basis.

Baby boy interacting with the goats on the porch.
We've been having problems with a neighbor's pit bull terrorizing the goats.  We had had the goats on a tether.  The dog took advantage of them being tied up, so now we let them roam.  They generally stay close to the house, but since they have their choice of places to wander, they aren't always inclined to bed down in their little stable.  Even though they are cold tolerant, with their thick and cozy layer of cashmere, we were experiencing below zero temperatures so we set up a heat lamp for them.  We put the stable in a sunny location, laid down straw for insulation and stuck that blazing heat lamp in there for good measure.  Guess where they continue to hang out.

Yep, the front porch.


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