Friday, March 14, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Last week we were knee deep in snow.  This week?  50+ degree weather and


We had to, had to, had to go outside.

Our wilting winterized bodies soaked up the sun.  I mean, you could feel the happy filling up inside us
like air in a balloon.

 We kept to the lower elevations because with the rapid snow-melt, we had some serious mud higher up.

The hand-me-down backpack we got when Isaac was a baby finally bit the dust after our now five-year-old was through with it.  I've bought a "new" one from ebay, but it didn't come in time.

Baby Boy didn't mind.  We took turns lugging him around.

 Like the rest of us, he was SO HAPPY to be outside!

Trying to catch the rays?

We live in such a beautiful area.  I'm so glad the founders of this town had the foresight to preserve a large area of wilderness right in the middle of things.  The trails were full, even though it was a Wednesday afternoon.  Everyone needed to be outside!

 One solitary boat.
The girls had to share their joy.

Eliza didn't want to smile because we had just had Everything Bagels for our picnic lunch.
Everything Bagels have everything on them.
She has braces.
That's okay.  You're never too old for a smooch from Mama!

I know how March works.  I know that we'll likely have at least one more good snow before Winter breathes his dying breath.  For today, we'll take all we can get!

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  1. We have had similar sunshine fill ups! You do live in beautiful country!!