Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Trip planning is work for me.  I like to think about where I'll be heading and what we'll do when we're there,
 but timetables and venue hours and ticket prices and public transit planning is plain old work.  
Necessary, I understand, but not fun.

my 18 year old nephew, Kevin, and my nearly 1 year old baby boy 
are meeting Isaac in New York City 
in nine days.
Three boys.
One grown-up.
Technically two, but, really, one grown-up.
I'm trying to plan, I'm trying to become familiar with the subway and the basic layout of Manhattan, I'm watching videos of how to be a smart visitor to the city and reading articles about what to do and what not to do in the Big Apple (not to call it the Big Apple, for instance).  I'm getting excited, but I also think I'm making too much out of things.  
Although I've never been to NYC, I have been places.
And I know how to read a map.
I can DO this.

Then, this morning, at some unreasonable hour (which is usually when my brain kicks into gear), I realized I'd have to plan and prepare for my husband and four children who will remain at home.  
Most specifically, food planning.

When I told this to my 15 year old son.  His reply was, simply, 
"That's why there are so many different kinds of fast food restaurants; 
McDonald's Monday, Taco Bell Tuesday, Wendy's Wednesday, etc."


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  1. I stopped by Manhattan on a trip from South Carolina to Utah (funny plane route!). I did not plan ahead crazily enough but a woman on the bus into the city helped me find my way. I hope you have a glorious time!! Can't wait to see the blog posts.