Thursday, March 20, 2014


I adore this darling girl who is comfortable in her own skin;
not common for 13. (At least not me when I was 13!)

As requested:
A bass for the birthday girl.

I thought I was being all clever when I wrote on the package "From, Brian M,"  which was supposed to be Brian May from her favorite band, Queen.  

Brian May plays the guitar.  Geez, Mom.
I'm such a dork about names and bands and stuff.
But not her.  She beats me every time at Name That Tune.  
She's a human jukebox.

She loves anything BBC, with Sherlock topping the list.
Not that she really loves him, but Benedict Cumberbatch is her favorite.
The other day she posted this with the caption,
"I need this more than I can say."
Benedict Cumberbatch Photo-bomb Bookmark

I love that her "poster boy" is the same age as her mom and is kinda goofy.

She is also the sweetest thing around.
Love you, sugar.

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