Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Day at the Park

We've decided to take a hike every week as a family.  Not only is it fun and outside and away from our regular stuff, but it is a great way to explore our area.  This week, we went to the swollen falls and the surrounding park.

This is a place my husband and I have visited many, many times, but for some of our children, it was a first.

A rather rusty suspension bridge hangs over the rushing waters and it is a little unnerving.  When anyone jumps or jogs or walks to fast, the whole thing wiggles under your feet.  Eliza, especially, was freaked out.

We wanted to gaze into the mesmerizing swirls and billows beneath us, but she just wanted us to get across and live.  At least we paused to take pictures.

The long-awaited baby backpack arrived so we gave it a test run.  It is far and away a better pack than our old hand-me-down version.

The park boasts this old metal goat that "eats" your garbage.  It's hooked up to a giant vacuum, but I didn't get that as a kid.  I just thought it was funny that a goat would eat garbage.  Now that we have goats, I know that it isn't a joke; I've had goats eat the mail right out of my hand.

We ended up at a little playground.  It was a huge disappointment to my growing children since the toys were small and rather unvaried.  Spoiled rotten, I tell ya.

You can do it!!

First Monkey Bar crossing of the year.

And first squeals of delight on the swing.  One or two pushes and the girls were off the toys and gathered around the laughing baby.

I'm loving this new tradition--even if this one wasn't a "real" hike.

Dad and Eliza explore the clock tower.

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  1. A hike a week is such a great idea. What a great way to spend time together, outside, and away from home.