Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling a Certain Urgency

Our house has a lot of problems.
Two of the burners on my stove work.  A third works, but I have to give it a good whack first.
The sub-floor under one of the toilets is giving way.
I have no porch light.
Only one kitchen outlet is functional.
The kitchen sink is shallow and the faucet doesn't have an arch, rendering it difficult to wash big pots, pans and bowls.  With a large family, that includes most of my cookware.
The windows don't close all of the way, don't open or are continually foggy.
It isn't big enough for all of us and my books.
All of that is annoying.

But, this week, we reached a new urgency to get the house built.
There have been two mouse sightings.
Both by me.

Why, parenthetically, is it that the one with the phobia sees the trigger?

If our mouse problem isn't resolved soon, I will be moving out.
House or no.

Which is why it is a really good thing that there are stakes in my yard.
We tried to get this house built so much sooner, but have run into every problem from engineering to appraisals.  It has taken months to iron out all of the wrinkles.  Now, we are in prime building time which means our builder is busy.  We are hopeful that things will be begin moving along soon, but it all depends on his availability.  If I seen one more mouse, though, you will see him suddenly become available NOW

Because if things don't start moving quickly, my husband will continue to find me cowering and sobbing in the fetal position on top of the dryer.
And that is not a pretty sight.

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  1. Oh, Emily, I must say that I am just amazed at how you have made do for so long. I hope your house gets built in record time and I am so excited to hear all about it!