Friday, May 23, 2014

Where There is a Hole, There Must be a Mountain

The first task was to remove the top soil and preserve it in a heap.  
(It will be put back in place when the exterior is finished.)
Our family had been away during the afternoon and when we came home, the job was done.
A mountain had been formed.

The kids immediately ran to the top.  The jumped and slid and climbed and dug into the mound of fresh, muddy earth.

Not to be left out, our one year old got right in on the action.  He started climbing, too!

Justin's first instinct was to keep the kids out of the dirt and off of the pile.
I turned to him and asked, "If you were 5 or 8 or 10 and you came home to a mountain like this in your back yard, what would you have done?"  He admitted that he would have been in heaven and he stopped pestering the girls.

Nevertheless, my first question to Brett the next morning was, "How, do you suggest, I keep the children clean this summer?'
His response was less than helpful.  He offered that I not even try.

He is probably right.
It is probably a losing battle.

We now have 10 times as much dirt mounded up around the original pile.  The kids have paths and landings, sections and areas designated for their different imaginary play.

This is going to be a dirty summer.
And we're all going to love it!

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  1. Love the "one shoe off/ one shoe on/ diddle-diddle dumpling/ my son John" look! How exciting! I probably would've been like Justin, but knowing it's a losing battle, and that I don't need a second mountain, made of laundry, I would probably make my kids change into "dirt clothes" to go play on Mud Mountain... or maybe just outfit them for the summer from the Goodwill Outlet, where they charge for clothing by the pound. (As opposed to the regular Goodwill, where my kids' "good" clothes some from...)