Sunday, May 4, 2014


With spring's arrival comes garden prep time.  Over the last couple of years, I've worked hard to create a garden space out of a long-time pasture.  Using only a shovel and elbow grease, I dug and turned and dug and turned until my whole body ached.  Then, last year, my father came to the rescue and tilled my garden for me.  Last week, I began the process again.  1/4 of the way through the digging and turning of the garden with the shovel, I stopped and sent a text to my dad.

He came with his tiller and saved the day.

He did most of the work, then let the little girls hang onto the handles for a while.
We were able to get some cold weather veggies (radishes, peas) planted, too.

I am so grateful for my dad!  I hesitate to ask him for favors because he is constantly helping other people. What a legacy, though, to be known as one who is always serving Heavenly Father's children.
My dad: An instrument for good.

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