Thursday, June 19, 2014

Inching Along

We tried to start building this house in the Fall.  We thought we could pour cement in October, before it got too cold, and then utilize the other sub-contractor's during the hungry Winter months.

We really tried.

We ran into problem after problem and couldn't start until this Spring.  
Spring is when everyone does their projects.  Also, Spring is when the rain comes.

So, while I thought we would be nearly done with the framing by now, we still don't even have a slab in the basement.

This is where we have been for the last two weeks.
The black stuff is a tar-type water sealant.  Good, goopy stuff.  
After having a wet basement once, we don't want to do that ever again!

The foundation is half-way back filled with one window well half-way installed.
I wanted to do stone window wells, but they were going to be code-complicated and we thought they might take too long.
If I had only known.

Yesterday, things started moving again.  
Yes, that sentence refers to the plumber.

Today the gravel came.  We need that base level of gravel under the slab, so gravel means we're almost to the slab . . . which means we're almost, almost ready for framing.

But then the guy's truck broke.
I feel for him because it is his busiest season of the year and he just lost about two weeks worth of work while he waits for parts and for the truck to be repaired.

That means we will experience yet another delay.
But, heck, we have a house growing in our back yard!
It is growing slowly, like my sad little garden, but it is growing!

It is a good thing something around here is growing slowly!

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