Monday, June 16, 2014


My youngest girl is six.  She has wanted her ears pierced for years, but because she is kind of an old soul already, we decided to hold off on the growing up as much as we could.

This was it.

Before the earrings.
She didn't know we were going to get her ears pierced.  She thought we were going to the store to get stuff for her party.  It was a great surprise!  It hurt more than she thought it would, but it has been so fun watching her today.  I keep catching her looking in the mirror with a coy grin.  Just now, she popped out of bed to tell me, "I just can't stand it!  My earrings are So Cute!"
After the earrings.  Such a brave smile!
 My favorite birthday tradition is the morning snuggle while I tell the sweet child all about their birth.  Each delivery is so different and there are special bits about each of the children.  It is a moment when I get to really treasure that loved, loved, loved child on "their" day.

Snuggle buddies.
I'm pretty sure I said this about her last birthday, but I'll say it again:  I've never known a six year old who asks for clothes for her birthday.  Most little kids just toss clothes aside, but not her.  This was about the most exciting part of her day.  Good job, Grandma!

And here she is trying out all of the hair stuff at once.
Looks . . . lovely, dear.

Gotta make the perfect wish.

Two of those "candles" are matches.
I know.
I have no idea why it is so hard for me to make sure there are enough candles for each birthday!

Her major present was new bedding.  She has needed it for a long time, but bedding is so expensive that I couldn't justify handing it over any day of the week.  It had to be a special holiday.

I have wanted to get this particular bedding for her for over six months.  Finally, finally, over Memorial Day Weekend, it went on sale.  With an extra coupon, it brought the price down to a reasonable level.
She LOVES it.  Hooray!

New bedding, new dolly, new earrings.
And because all of the girls share rooms, this one got new bedding, too!  
What a fantastic and unexpected surprise!

I was busy, but the rest of her party consisted of swapping pedicures with one another.  She really digs this kind of thing and I'd bought some new polish.  Great fun, this girly girl of mine.

Grandma navigating the new doll's packaging.
It was a great day and she was on top of the world.

Six is going to be INCREDIBLE!

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