Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Summer of Dirt Continues

The clouds begin to part after days of very heavy rains.

We got a surprise call from the cousins this afternoon.  They wondered if they could come play.


They immediately went outside and began playing the latest favorite game on the piles of dirt:  

Basically, each child (or team, in this case) has one peak on which to build their kingdom.  
I am The Queen of All Nations, in case you were wondering.  
I rule all--and make treats.

Anyway, they build up their fortresses, gather junk from the yard as treasures and challenge each other to duels.  When 18 year old Kevin showed up, the combats escalated from stick fights to rock throwing.  Eliza could only throw as far as the foundation, while Kevin, on the other side of the foundation, was nearly hitting her!  It was hilarious to watch her trying with all of her might to get that rock farther.  She is such a good sport.

His Giantness makes that hill look small!
These two are best buddies in all the universe.  They were working hard to be creative with their kingdom and were frustrated with the vigilantism of the big kids.  

Mostly, though, everyone played fair and rolled with the nature of imaginary games and their constantly changing rules.  I would have LOVED this as a child.  I cannot get mad at the kids trudging mud in my house all day because I understand how much fun they are having.  They will remember this summer forever.

After all of the rain, mud patties were bound to arrive.

In her bakery. Man I love that beautiful girl.
There was also a bit of war paint.  Even if you are baking mud pies, you never know when you'll be challenged to a dual.  One must be ready.

As usual, Baby Boy was filthy . . .
and completely adorable.

I swear, I can't get enough of this darling child.
After a while of being a pawn in their game, the baby was happy to be left to his own devises.
Patches is always happy to tag along.

No, there is no progress on the house.
Yes, I am disappointed, as are the children.
But at least everyone is having such a fun summer in the dirt.

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  1. What absolute fun!!! But I have to admit I was seriously thinking, "I can't believe she let them throw rocks at each other." Then I realized that they probably weren't throwing rocks AT each other. hehe