Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turning One Thousand

One Thousand.


My blog is six years and 1,000 posts old.

When I first started, I wanted to share.  I didn't know who would be interested in what I had to write, but I felt like I had stuff to say.  At one point, I thought I wanted to be an influential blogger and tried hard to get people to read.  Then I realized that I didn't want a part-time job and went back to my regular blogging habits.  I've gone through phases of feeling disappointed that I don't have many followers to glad that I've recorded my thoughts and feelings so regularly so my children and I can go back and remember.  My grammar, spelling, photography and general writing skills have improved.  This forum has helped me figure out solutions to my life frustrations and has given me an outlet that has allowed me to just write it out.  My blogging has given me the opportunity to recognize my blessings and seek answers.  In slowly planning our house, I've posted ideas that have helped me organize my wants vs needs into clear categories.  It has not made me a single dime, but it taught me the skills needed to create websites that made ballet dancing possible for our son.  And more.

Now, after writing out those 1000 posts, I have found my happy place.  I'm not out to impress anyone, but I know that my regular blogging will improve me.  If something I write gives someone hope or encouragement, that delights my soul!  If I help someone smile or feel less alone in this crazy life, I'm thrilled to have a part in that.  If I die in some freak accident, my children can read this blog and find their mother's voice.  If I can bring the joy and peace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into one heart, my own heart will be filled with joy and peace.

Those of you who have stuck with me have laughed and cried with me.  You've talked me through rough patches and felt righteous indignation with me.  You've seen me at my best and worst, helped me clean and organize my house, educate my children and feed my family.  You've watched my children grow and have seen my own body grow and shrink and grow and shrink.  You have made a difference in my life!  Thank you for reading and commenting, for sending emails and packages, and for introducing yourself when we meet in person.  Thank you for encouraging me to be better and understanding when I'm not.  Thank you, in short, for reading.

Now, because this is the one thousandth post, a list of 1000 things:

Just kidding.

Be back soon!

aka The MotherShip


  1. I appreciate your writing!! I have read almost every post although I don't always comment. You are talented & I am glad that we are related.

  2. Happy 1000th post!! I have loved reading your blog over the years and watching you mother your beautiful family. Congratulations!

  3. Although I'm not always one to comment, I've so enjoyed reading your blog over the years. You have inspired me in many ways. Take care, friend!