Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beautiful, Beautiful Home

In the hours before Isaac was to arrive home after having lived in Russia for the bulk of the last school year, the girls got together and made him a big ol' sign for the airport.

We were soo excited, but we weren't the only ones excited by his being back home.
Isaac himself had been waiting for this for a long time.
Russia was a mixed bag, to be sure.  My perspective is that he had the best and the worst year of his life.  While he certainly learned a lot about dancing, he also learned a lot about himself, friendship, his country, his family and his God.
He was also reminded about the value of 

21st Century Bonding
In return for our months of sacrifice, we got home a grateful son.
Everything that is put on the table is the best food ever.
A tiny act of service (such as putting his glass in the sink for him) does not go unnoticed.
The green of the trees and the simplicity of our wildflowers are a thing of unequaled beauty.

We went into a store at twilight and exited to a glorious scene:

It was wondrous to all of us, but especially to the small-town boy who had been so long in the big city.

Then, we drove by fields of alfalfa with their heavy, fresh scent of summer.

It was . . . how can I describe it?  
It was a moment of joy, love, comfort, familiarity.
He was home.

The joy was catching as we all rolled down the windows and enjoyed
the moment.

"The streamlet, flow'r, and sod
Bespeak the works of God;
And all combine,
With most transporting grace,
His handiwork to trace,
Thru nature's smiling face,
In art divine."
                                                              Emmaline B. Wells

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