Thursday, July 10, 2014

Delay Over!

Yesterday morning, my alarm clock was a beautiful sound.  If fact, it was such a beautiful sound that I didn't mind one little bit that it was 5 in the morning.

I looked out the window and what did I behold under the brilliant light of the early morning sun?

A cement truck.

For one reason or another, which you are not interested in hearing, we have been delayed for three weeks.
Three weeks is a long time, but I have developed patience in my long wait for this house.

After a while, I went outside to bug the guys.

They were working hard and fast because the days have been hot, hot, hot which gives them little time to get the cement manicured before it starts to set up.

They got out all of the major lumps and bumps then got inside on these awesome skids to go in and carefully smooth every square inch.  It was like snow shoes for wet concrete.

Today I'm melting in just my skivvies,
but this time next year I'll be laying on this basement floor . . .
cool as a cucumber.

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  1. Hurray for moving forward! I like reading these posts and watching your house unfold.